Camping Rules

MCL is a private camping facility for members only.

  • We are small; be respectful of other peoples’ space.
  • Quiet hours 11pm – 7 am, especially important when overnight campers are onsite
  • Open fires at the fire pit only – last one at fire pit must be sure it is under control or out. There is a water hose available.
  • All members and guests must sign a release statement (available in bath house). Please sign and leave in bath house. One per calendar year is acceptable.
  • Never leave food out overnight.
  • Leave all water hoses and spigots cut off at the spigot valve.
  • Day use is available for members with owner notification.
  • If you bring it in, take it out.
  • All NC fishing laws apply.
  • Do not feed dogs without owner’s permission.
  • Please recycle and properly dispose of your garbage.

Children (under 21) and adult men are not allowed on premises, with the exception of occasional special events arranged in advance with the owner’s permission.